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music creation issues Empty music creation issues

Post by MichaelMorin on Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:45 pm


What I am trying to do: create chords that use the same note through octaves. For instance middle c, then the c notes an octave above and below it. Why I am finding this hard to do: since I don't have a midi I am putting the notes in with my mouse. It isn't clear to me how to do this. First, I think that alphanotes has some kind of bug because it gives the g clef g note as a different note and that can't be right. To my knowledge I have not changed the settings for notes either. I want to bang in middle c and the 2 C's either octave side and have a chord. By the way if I sound like a musician I am not. 41 year old absolute beginner to music who is reading 10 books; last year I did not know what a note was. So if I am not using correct musical terms that is why; I am trying my best to be clear. There is a "chord" tool in the ribbon - could that help?

please help

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