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Post by Admin on Sat Jul 30, 2016 10:42 am

The most important first step is to know the type of leather you have. Is it a protected leather or a raw leather without any protective coating? Raw leather is highly absorbent and as such any liquid leather cleaner will simply soak in to the leather, potentially staining it. This classification of leather is often called "unfinished" or "pure aniline." If you don't know or aren't sure, then always do a test in a non-obvious area first to see the effect of the cleaner.

The next point to consider is if your leather is actually a candidate for cleaning. If there is obvious soiling and related issues on the leather, then its a clear candidate. If however the issues are deeper, that is. there is staining or related discoloration that is in the leather, not on the leather, then a cleaner might budge it a bit but not eradicate it completely. In reality its like trying to clean a tattoo from your skin.

Furthermore, be careful not to use harsh household cleaners as they may do more harm than good.As a general rule, automobile grade leather is well protected and a good candidate for cleaning. Most but not all leather furniture is protected so test first and finally leather garments are tricky, be very sure to test the effect of a cleaner before proceeding.

If you decide the leather is a candidate for cleaning, how do you choose what will be most effective for your leather? A good information source are professional leather technicians who understands the chemistry of leather and who professionally cleans leather for a demanding clientele. Find out what they use.

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