How do you manage your digital music library?

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How do you manage your digital music library?

Post by MichaelMorin on Thu May 03, 2018 3:22 pm


Howdy all! I've been ripping CDs to my PC for years now using the various methods and versions of iTunes, Windows Media Player and whatever-software-used-to-be-in-vogue. At first I was manually organizing, naming, and tagging my files but at some point allowed iTunes and/or WMP to store files as it desired. 15+ years later and 5-6 computer backups/restores/rebuilds later, well, my library is a mess. Add to that my occasional "I thought I ripped this CD before, oh well, let's make another rip...oh look, here's 3 more copies in my iTunes library, they just didn't have their ID tag filled out properly from the LAST time I ripped it."How do you keep your library organized? Do you use a software solution of some kind?

Please help.

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