Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for extension of FLR(M)

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Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for extension of FLR(M)

Post by MichaelMorin on Thu May 03, 2018 3:24 pm


I've booked a premium service for my FLR(M) extension next month. I'm prepared to pay GBP 1,049 for the application to ensure that I obtain it on the same day and not worry too much afterwards. Then I got to find out that the newly imposed Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) that I probably need to pay. Can I confirm that even with FLR(M) extension, I still have to pay this? Is it just for new application.? I'm working in the UK, paying tax for the last 2.5 years already and I have to pay another GBP 500? Would really appreciate your advise on this.

Please help.

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