Who Is Fresh-n-Healthy Meals?

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Who Is Fresh-n-Healthy Meals? Empty Who Is Fresh-n-Healthy Meals?

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:08 pm

They say necessity is the mother of invention, so when the founder of Fresh-N-Healthy couldn’t find anything “Fresh & Healthy” in a convenient fashion what did he do? Invent the health food market! Well not quite. Founder of Fresh-n-Healthy Meals simply took what he had learned working through college in the hospitality industry and made it convenient to get fresh healthy food delivered right to the customer’s door. He didn’t invent the wheel, he just made the wheel tastier and convenient!

The 26-year-old Florida Atlantic University graduate learned just how important proper nutrition was during his time as an NFL intern. Nothing like seeing how the best athletes in the world fuel their bodies. He can tell you first hand these pros didn’t use Big Macs and super-sized Cokes to keep those big contracts! Eat J-U-N-K and the NFL stands for Not-For-Long!

FNH (We know the abbreviation sounds funny, but we never get tired of hearing “FNH these meals are good!”) may never had been created had he been able to find a quality health food service. The simple fact that this entrepreneur had to deal with shoddy customer service and lackluster meals from the available health food Delivery Orlando lit a fire in him to do what they could not. The last straw for him may have been the tasteless “sweet potato round” that his meal service had sent for the 8th consecutive week. That will break a man…or cause him to shake up the health food industry. He had the knowledge from being director of operations at a nutritional food company. Now he had the motivation to do something not only for himself, but for all the people in Orlando that had the same problem he had…..no reliable nutritional food delivery company.

FNH wasn’t created to be the savior of mankind…although that might look great on the letterhead now that I think about it. FNH was created as a solid option for folks that actually care about what they put in their bodies and don’t have time for amateurish companies who were only consistent at letting customers down. Is it that hard for companies to deliver on promises?

He wants the company’s food and service to stand on its own merit. That’s why client feedback is so important at Fresh-N-Healthy. This small business is truly adaptable to the personal needs of its clients…we relentless ask for feedback so we can always improve and deliver the best quality of service to you. The ability to change our business do to one single feedback is what makes FNH the most FUN way to eat healthy!

At its core, what is FNH? It is a customer first company that intends to destroy the notion that eating healthy is an impossibility for busy people. We are all busy, that’s not changing. It’s the food service companies that have to change to meet the needs of the super busy. FNH is changing the game and will continue to do so until healthy eating becomes the norm instead of the exception.

for more info - http://freshnhealthymeals.com/


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