Allen & Heath GL2400 effects problem

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Allen & Heath GL2400 effects problem Empty Allen & Heath GL2400 effects problem

Post by MichaelMorin on Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:44 pm


I've done some searching but found no solution to my problem. Hopefully someone here can help!We have an Allen & Heath GL2400 desk at my school, and I am unable to individually control each track to an outboard effects unit. I have had it set up using subgroup buttons next to the track fader to turn effect on or off. But when I try to patch the FX unit through an aux insert (using an insert tip/ring lead I'm not even getting a signal to the unit.Can someone help with how to patch the FX unit in so I can control the amount of effect is going to each track? And also how to configure leads/switches!

please help

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